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Important Notices

Some parts of the family tree and photo albums contain private information and access is restricted to family and friends.

Main family trees researched

Barlow Family
Gemmell Family
Rhodes Family
Buckley Family
Spry Family
Weidenhofer Family

Other branches of the family tree

Adam Adams Agar Ahlburg Anzengruber Arthur Ash Aunger Azzopardi Balthasar Bankhead Barclay Barker Barlow Barnden Barr Barritt Bazzacco Beattie Bickford Biggar Biggs Blake Bleeze Boehme Boerth Bonython Bowes Bowler Braddock Bremberg Brice Brindley Brister Broadbent Broadfoot Brooking Brooks Brooms Brown Brunner Buchanan Buckley Buntin Burgess Burrows Burt Butcher Butler Cambell Campbell Carman Catt Chaloner Chapman Cheney Chesterton Chewings Claring-Bould Cock Coffin Cohen Cook Crowhurst Cudmore Cumb Daddow Dalwood Dewhirst Dohnt Doman Drews Duggan Dunn Dyer Eva Fareclough Farrow Finnamor Fleming Fox Garner Gate Gear Gebhardt Gemmell Gertig Gibbons Gilbert Gillmore Gower Grace Greig Grey Gun Guy Hampshire Hand Hanretty Harvey Hatchard Heath Hector Helten Henwood Herbert Hewish Higginson Hill Hobbs Holliday House Howard Hower Irving Jackson Jacobs Janus Jennings John Johns Johnson Jones Jordan King Kluge Knevett Knight Kristiansson Kroemer Lahiff Lamcken Lane Lauterbach Lawn Lawson Leach Lihon Linke Lintern Lyon MacCourtie Mainprize Manderson Manuel Marshall Martin Masters Mathews Matilda Matschoss McAllan McArthur McDonald McKnight McLean McLeish McWaters Mealy Medwell Megaw Miller Morgan Moulds Mount Mueller Muir Murchland Mutrie Nation Neilson Nicholls O'Shea Ockenden Otto Pank Pannell Parsons Pedley Perry Pfeiffer Pike Pollock Potter Powell Pridham Prosser Pulleine Randell Rechner Reeves Reynolds Rhodes Richards Roach Roberts Rowley Saars Sambell Sayer Schmidt Schubert Seekamp Sellick Simpson Smith Smyth Sorbello Sorton Spry Stanning Staples Stevenson Stiller Stone Tannahill Taylor Thompson Thomson Tilley Tomkinson Toussaint Trickey Tubb Turner Walker Webley Wehr Weidenhofer Westlake Westley White Wichmann Wilcourt Williams Wilson Wong Woods Worden Worthington Wright Wuttke Yaldren Young Zuhlke

Photo Albums

Family Photos (restricted access)

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Barlow Shoe Stores
Recent updates

Ernest Joseph Barlow b. 1868 and
son Harold Barlow b. 1894

Today's birthdays

Laura Adeline Victoria Buckley 1901-01-19
Mathew Brice Coffin 1998-01-19
Robin James Guy 1956-01-19

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